Story/Night 3-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-3-2

...Entering the warehouse where Nagant is hidden.
Makarov: Entered the warehouse, search for the hostage.
AK47: Found her, over here!
M1895: (Sobs...)
M1895: AK...47?
AK47: Oh? Still conscious, how many fingers am I holding up?
M1895: Stop moving so fast I can't count, stop you're making me dizzy!
AK47: Makarov, found the kiddo!
AK47: She might be blind and got hit on the head!
M1895: What? I'm fine, I've only just woken up!

Scene 3-3-3

SKS: This noise...
AK47: Oh? They found us already?
Makarov: No, they are still searching, they don't know where we are yet.

Scene 3-3-4

...Sound of heavy mechanical armoured units approaching.
M1895: Shit, enemy mechs already at the front door, we're done for!
AK47: Me and SKS will attract their fire, Makarov, grab the kiddo and run for it!
Makarov: You two, why are you trying to be a hero at time like this?
AK47: Not interested in being heroes or not, but I'm not interested in sitting around and doing nothing.
SKS: If you feel bad about this, then write us a heroic tale.
Makarov: ...
Makarov: Originally I didn't want things to turn out this way.
Makarov: But, I'm not gonna lie.
Makarov: You are going to have to write your own heroic tales when you get back.

Scene 3-3-5

SKS: Ex...Explosion?
Makarov: ...That's our chance, consider us lucky.