Story/Night 3-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-2-2

...Information relay captured.
Makarov: Successfully captured this relay, well executed Commander.
Makarov: We will start the decryption process now, SKS, fetch me a chair.
SKS: Hah, what chair, the door didn't even have a handle when we busted in.
AK47: Woahh... What a sub-standard facility, how can Ferri live in some place like this.
SKS: Low ranking Ferri garrisons here, they are considered lucky to even have a charging socket here.
AK47: Hah, poor bastards.
SKS: You're not one of those bastards, how do you know they're not happy with the place.
AK47: Look around. No alcohols in sight, I won't last 30 minutes in here.
SKS: This is your problem AK47, you're addicted to low level materialistic values.
SKS: You should be thinking, as Androids, what are our purpose of existing.
AK47: Damn, what you saying is, the Ferri bastards are living a better life than I am?
Makarov: What the hell are you two on about over there.
SKS: You're not interested at all Makarov? Where the Ferri came from, and what they really want.
Makarov: They hurts G&K's profits, we just need to annihilate them.
SKS: Heh, I bet you know a lot about them Makarov, after all you have good connections with OTs-14.
AK47: Yeah, come on, tell us something! Anything!
Makarov: ...
Makarov: Alright, target location acquired, break time is over.
SKS: Hey! You must know about it! You must know a lot about it Makarov!
Makarov: ...What differences does it make?
Makarov: AK47, SKS, as Androids whatever knowledge we have, doesn't affect what order's we get.
Makarov: We just have to continue the fight against Sangvis Ferri, that's all, resume operation.