Story/Night 3-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-1-3

...Arrived at target destination.
Makarov: Mosin-Nagant come in, we've arrived at the target destination.
(Radio) Mosin-Nagant: Receiving, I've sent two Androids to rendezvous with you, they should be there any moments now.
Makarov: You're not coming? We're rescuing your sister this time.
(Radio) Mosin-Nagant: (Awkward laughter) Military forces requested, they want all the elite Androids to support their operation.
Makarov: Pft, show off...
Makarov: That means, whoever you sent our way are probably not so elite...
??: Yo, they're over there! Hurry up!
??: Ohh! I see them, I'm on my way!
Makarov: Sounds familiar...
Makarov: (Sigh) Oh no...

Scene 3-1-4

AK47: HAHA, long time no see Makarov!
SKS: What is the task this time, for a professional combatant like me?
Makarov: Nothing at all, piss off.
AK47: Don't be so cold man, after all we're still veterans.
Makarov: Sorry, we need INFILTRATOR, not two Crazy Ivan's.
SKS: Don't underestimate us, we didn't trigger any enemy alarms getting here.
AK47: Because whoever discovered us, we wiped them off, haha!
Makarov: ...
Makarov: Something tells me this operation is better off without you two.
AK47: No way man, Nagant is a good comrade of ours, we can't just sit around!
SKS: Let us do something at least, since nobody else is here to help.
Makarov: Pft, fine...
Makarov: Bad apples are still apples, guess I'll have to make do.
Makarov: Obey my commands, if you don't want to end up being cannon fodders.