Story/Night 3-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 3-1-1

...G&K Sector S09 Command
Makarov: Greetings Commander, I, G&K Android Makarov here by salute you.
Makarov: Honour to be under your command, but unfortunately this won't be a honourable mission.
(Radio) M1895: Hey, Why won't it! You are rescuing an old soldier with honourable history!
Makarov: As you can see this particular Android will be our rescue target this time, call sign "Nagant M1895".
Makarov: It is possible that you heard about her... No, should we say, Impossible to not hear about her...
(Radio) M1895: Haha, how can the Commander not heard of me? Don't forget I was the first T-doll to fight under Commander's orders!
Makarov: Maybe you are struggle to understand, why do we even bother rescuing this age-old, weak, loud-mouthed and super common Android.
(Radio) M1895: Hey, I'll report you to Helian! She will demote you! DEMOTE!
Makarov: During the last operation, she came across an important device, which needs to be bought back to the HQ ASAP.
(Radio) M1895: Quit playing around Makarov, I'm still hiding in this Ferri warehouse!
Makarov: Nagant M1895, do you remember the warehouse number? Or at least something to identify which warehouse it is.
(Radio) M1895: I told you I ran for cover so fast I didn't see it, Ferri armours are all over the place, going outside is suicide!
Makarov: (Sigh) Then you're just going to have to wait. We'll try and find you as fast as we can.

Scene 3-1-2

Makarov: Anyways, step one.
Makarov: Since G&K main forces is currently out assisting Military forces, we find ourselves severely lacking of manpower for this operation.
Makarov: We will need to rendezvous with the locally garrison Androids first, so they may assist us.
Makarov: Commander, ready to go when you are.