Story/Night 2-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1

Battle against Sangvis Ferri commenced at M9’s temporary base.
M9: Dummy of a Sangvis Ringleader detected! M21, get ready!
(Radio) M21: Here, say ‘cheese’, Sangvis scum!
(Radio) M1911: Their armored unit can’t react in time! Now, Ingram!
(Radio) Thompson: Now, SuperSASS! Storm the control room!
(Radio) Thompson: The military are entering from the front. Don’t let them take the glory!
(Radio) Super SASS: Roger. Moving in!
(Radio) Ingram: HAHA! RUN, SUPERSASS, RUN!
Sangvis troops started retreating.
(Radio) M21: Make sure you beat the military to it, or we’ll have no choice but to kill them off.
(Radio) M1911: Don’t make that kind of joke, M21. What if they’re humans?
(Radio) Ingram: Humph. Didn’t the humans make guns to kill each other?
(Radio) M9: Don’t listen to her, SuperSASS.
(Radio) M9: We’re adorable T-Dolls for civilian use, after all. We just have to act cute when we run into humans!
(Radio) Super SASS: (Forced laughter) Sorry, but I haven’t undergone such training.
(Radio) M21: Damn, you newbies have it easy. Back in my time, we had to take exams on making jokes.
(Radio) Ingram: Ha, Then you must’ve joined Griffin only ‘cause you screwed up your standup comedy or something.
(Radio) M1911: You shouldn’t ask your companions about their backgrounds, Ingram.
(Radio) M1911: We are all part of Griffin now. That’s the only thing that matters.
(Radio) Super SASS: SuperSASS has seized the control room. Repeat, SuperSASS has seized the control room!

Scene 2

(Radio) M21: The sun is up, and victory is ours.
(Radio) Thompson: 1911, make sure you ask for more dividends from Helian. That was exhausting.
(Radio) M1911: You’ll have to wait till I give the commander the kiss of victory.
(Radio) M21: So 1911 won the competition?
(Radio) M1911: There was no competition to begin with, was there?
(Radio) M1911: Speaking of which, where’s M9? Has she gone offline already?
(Radio) M1911: M9? Are you there?
(Radio) Ingram: You’re too late, 1911. M9’s already rushing to the control center.
(Radio) Thompson: Haha, you really shouldn’t have saved her, my dear.

Scene 3

M1911: ...
M1911: These Griffin T-Dolls...could really use some further grooming...