Story/Night 2-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1

Griffin troops arrived at a base.
(Radio) M1911: Thompson, you’ve got a good field of vision over there. Have you picked your sniper?
Thompson: M21, you’re up. Give me some bullseyes.
M21: Sure. But who should I aim for, the military or Sangvis Ferri?
Thompson: Now is not the time for jokes...
Thompson: Still, seeing that you’re a civilian T-Doll, occasional mistakes are unavoidable, aren’t they?
M21: Heheh. How about... raising the barrel by 1cm on the premise of not endangering the operation?
Thompson: As long as it’s within permissible range of the contract, you can have all the fun you want.
(Radio) M9: Hello?! Thompson, are you listening?!
(Radio) M9: Um... They’ve started fighting over here all of a sudden! Where are you? Come and get me, quick!
Thompson: Hey... You said you’d be fine on your own.
(Radio) M9: But the military opened fire without even a word! Even my base got hit by shells!
(Radio) M9: There are Sangvis everywhere! I can’t hold on for much longer.
Thompson: It’s no use asking me for help since I’m also on the field myself. Go and beg 1911.
(Radio) M9: (Sobs) ...1911, I’m sorry! You win this time!
(Radio) M1911: (Sighs) ...I never even thought of it as a competition.
(Radio) M1911: Then time to move, backup team.

Scene 2

M9: Huh? All the Sangvis...are destroyed?
M9: A-Are you one of us?
Super SASS: SuperSASS, new recruit at Griffin. Glad to be of help, Miss M9.
M9: Th...Thank goodness...
M9: You’re my hero, Super...whatever!
Super SASS: It’s SuperSASS, Miss M9.
Super SASS: And you’re squishing the breath out of me...

Scene 3

Thompson: Phew, thank goodness you’d prepared for backup beforehand. Otherwise things wouldn’t have ended pretty for M9.
(Radio) M1911: (Sighs) It only worked because it had quieted down where M9 was, Thompson.
Thompson: True. But SuperSASS is right on time. I was just thinking who to send this time.
(Radio) Super SASS: Hmm? Where to?
Thompson: To bring Griffin honor and glory, SuperSASS. The organization needs you.
(Radio) Super SASS: Huh? What? ...Me?