Story/Night 2-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1

Griffin troops arrived at a base.
Thompson: Ingram, I’m leaving this place to you. Prepare for your stationing.
Ingram: Huh? Me?
Ingram: Seriously... How long do I have to stay here?
Thompson: Probably quite a while. The military is still deploying their T-Dolls. They didn’t say when the action will take place.
Ingram: So why did we have to involve the military? We can handle those stupid tin men on our own just fine.
Thompson: We’re a business. We should always avoid splurging ourselves if we can spend someone else’s money.
Ingram: (Sighs) I’m not here to make money. What I want is a bloodbath, Thompson.
Ingram: I only joined your team after hearing about you.
Thompson: Then you’re gonna be sorely disappointed. All my actions were taken under Griffin’s instruction, never on a reckless whim.
Ingram: Then what about the unspeakable things you did under the table?
Thompson: They were all within permissible range... Here, take this.
Ingram: What... A detonator?
Thompson: This is your job. Once you get it over with, I don’t care if you go batshit crazy.
Ingram: Humph. So you’re not as dull as you claim to be.
Thompson: Make an effort, Ingram. Be glad it’s Griffin you’re working for.
Thompson: Party to your heart’s content – within permissible range of our contract.