Story/Night 2-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1

Griffin troops arrived at a base.
Thompson: Beautifully done, Boss. Now let me discuss our next step with the PIC of this mission.
Thompson: 1911, do you copy?
(Radio) M1911: You’ve come way ahead of time. Looks like the commander can’t wait to see me.
Thompson: Oh, please. I need to put someone here. Any suggestions?
(Radio) M1911: This base is used mainly for recon work. Best leave it to a handgun T-Doll.
Thompson: A handgun, huh. Other than you, who else is up to the job...
M9: Let me do it, Miss Thompson! I’ll do even better than 1911!
Thompson: That’s some nice verve you’ve got there. Griffin needs enthusiastic T-Dolls like you.
M9: Humph. I’ll take every chance to prove that I’m better than a certain old hag!
M1911: I heard that, M9...
Thompson: Anyway, I’m leaving scouting duties to you, M9. Now, a T-Doll to guard you...
M9: That won’t be necessary. We’re understaffed enough as it is, right?
M9: I’ll be fine on my own if it’s just scouting. Don’t underestimate my skill in making great escapes.
Thompson: Don’t try too hard to be brave, M9. The battlefield is unpredictable.
M9: I’ve fought a bunch of Sangvis with the commander. Don’t worry about me.
Thompson: All right. Be careful then. Let’s keep going.