Story/Night 1-4 (Part2)/Script

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1-4N Pt.2

MP5 arrived at a Grifon temporary office safely.....

MP5: " Miss Helian, this is the report of the deployed Sangvis Ferri forces in the area."

Helian: " Good, you and the commander did well."

Helian: " Now let's see...."

Helian:" Sangvis Ferri managed to get their hands on so many mobile armour, looks like the developers is going to freak out."

MP5: " What should we do..... can we handle this attacks ?"

Helian: " We can't, nor do we need to."

Helian: " Those are all militarys equipment that got hacked, we'll just have them come clean up the mess."

Helian:" We just need to assist in the clean up and get subsidy from them."

MP5:" Is that..... all that we need to do......"

Helian: " What's wrong MP5 ?"

MP5: " I want to do more ,and be relied by everyone, both my comrades and humans....."

MP5: " That's why I accepted this mission, hoping to become stronger......"

Helian:" (laughs) You all are modified from civilian dolls, you can't beat military grade dolls no matter how much modernization we do."

MP5: " Yeah, not only we are weak, our weapons out dated, everyone's attitude is a big problem too."

MP5: " Then.... where do out value lie ?"

Helian: " There are some things that only you can do MP5, and that's why Grifon chose you."

MP5:" But..... I still prefer to earn my place via my capabilities......"

Helian:" Relax, Grifon does not plan to let our dolls be below the military in terms of capabilities."

Helian:" But we need funds, time and everyone to work together."

Helian:" There is nothing wrong with your dreams, keep it alive and leave the rest to us."

MP5: : Thank you, Miss Helian. I'll do my best in the next mission too !"


Helian :" Hm ? Anything to report Thomson ?"

Helian:" ...... oh really ? It has already started ? Understood ."

MP5:" What's wrong Miss Helian ?"

Helian :" The next mission.... has arrived."