Story/Night 1-3 (Part2)/Script

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1-3N Pt2

......Arrived at the third out post.

MP5:" I'm at the randevou point, the code is...."

MP5:" Gew Elf !"

??: " Uuu.."

?? :" A little more, let me rest a little more....."

MP5:" Eh ? That's not suppose to be the response, let me confirm again...."

MP5:" Geew -- Elf !"

??:" Oh mortal who uttered the true name of the elf, state, state thy wishes !"

HK416:" Damn it ! You're the one who though up this embarrassing code, yet you won't say it ."

G11 :" It's my original plan to hear you speak it, it's super fun. (thumbs up)"

HK416:" You dormouse, I should have dumped your head into the pickle bin last night."

MP5:" Erm... sorry, but are you then ones that I'm suppose to meet ?"

HK416:" ......"

MP5:" ..... (her stare is scary)"

HK416:" Judging from your weapon, you MP5 ?"

HK416:" We've been through lots of trouble because of you."

G11:" That's right, 416 , we can't just let her go like that."

MP5:" Eh, wait ! What do you want from me !"

MG5:" Hold it right there you two !"

MG5:" You two petty idiots just can't do anything right !"

HK416:" Hmph, it's not like we are supposed to be involved in this."

G11:" We were just back to HQ for our routine check up and you just have to drag us all the way to this hell hole."

MG5:" You two were just hanging outside doing nothing and still you're receiving pay."

MG5:" I'll get Helian to kick both of you out if you keep on whining."

G11:" MG5 is using the same trick again, what, what should we do 416 ?"

HK416:" She can't threaten us, we can get free pay rolls anywhere with 45s arrangement ."

G11:" Oh, you're right , it's the same no matter where we go ."

MG5:" You can go wherever the hell you want, parasites are not welcomed here !"

MP5:" Everyone please calm down."

MP5:" Also, please don't ignore me, I'm still on a mission you know......"

HK416:" Leave with this report, this shall be the last time we meet."

MP5:" Than- thank..... you two are G11 and 416 right ?"

MP5:" This ice-cream was originally made for MG4 by G36."

MP5:" As a thank you and farewell gift, let's eat it together."


G11:" Thi-this flavour ! It's my favourite rum flavour ! (nom)"

G11:" No ! I guess it's better if I stay here ! (nom)"

HK416:" You little.... don't you have any principle !?"

G11:" Of course ! I'll go wherever G36 goes ! (nom)"

MG5:" Looks like your munity failed again 416, I was expecting it to last a little longer this time."

HK416 :"..........."

HK416: " I don't want..... to live in this idiot filled world for any longer......."