Story/Night 1-3 (Part1)/Script

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1-3N Pt 1

MP5:" MG5, I've just obtained the report from P7."

MG5:" Great, but G36 did tell you to help P7 replenish some nutrients right ?"

MP5:" Yes, P7 just took in what is half a year worth of vitamins."

MG5:" Good, then let's proceed with the mission."

MP5:" Ok, I remember that the next recon post is manned by Miss MG4, right ?"

MG5:" MG4 is away in an emergency mission, so I found two dolls as a temporary replacement, just give the pass code when you meet up."

MG5:" However those two are infamous trouble starters , if they are misbehaving just give me a call."

MP5:" Un, understood ..... let's go commander."