Story/Night 1-2 (Part2)/Script

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Part 2
...... Reached the second checkpoint

MP5:" Umm.... anyone there ?"

P7:" Oh my, it's MP5 ! Welcome welcome !"

MP5:" Oh hello, Miss P7."

P7:" Hi hi, must have been a long trip ! Here, sit down and have some snack !"

MP5:" Ah..... thank you......"

MP5:" Hurk ----!!"

MP5:" This, this taste is !"

P7:" Hahaha, this is my specially made pastry !"

MP5:" Don't you try to lie, I've tasted many pastry and none of them are like that !"

P7:" Hoho, this is something I learned from Miss 56-1, a special snack from her home country !"

P7:" A delicate pastry made from five different nuts, and only eaten during the annual full moon !"

MP5:" What are those five nuts ?"

P7:" About that...... I forgot the recipe, so I subsided it with five different pepper and cheese powder."

MP5:" Wait, peppers aint nuts !"

MP5:" And.... why does the cheese powder taste of strawberry !?"

P7:"Oh that.... 56-1 says you need to add "crystal sugars"".

P7:" I have no idea what's that so I added some strawberry ice cream."

P7:" Also that's the last scoop of ice cream, I spend a lot just to "treat" you !".

MP5:" Uu.... indeed it's P7 the prankster"

MP5:" But...... I still have a job to do, I can't let my feelings get in the way."

MP5:" Here's your resupply from miss G36, a big tin of iced fruit juice."

P7:"Hmph, this reddish colour, it's tomato juice right ?"

P7:" G36 is trying to make me drink that stuff again, I won't fall for this."

P7:"But it's ok, I have a drinking straw here. I'll just give it a sip, it's not too late to refuse if I don't like it."

P7:" Yeah, just a little slip......"

P7:" GUH !! This, this taste is !?"

P7:" Cough cough ! It's not tomato juice, it's something even worse ! My throat ! It's burns !"

MP5:" She's rolling all over the floor, looks like it's super effective ."

MP5:" This is a broth made from a super spicy chili know as the "Viper", it takes just a little sip to have the effect of a tear gas."

MP5:" Miss G36 told me before, if you troll me with some dumb stuff, give this to you."

P7:" Using this sort of thing on me ! You guys are the worse, I can't even stop my tears !"

MP5:" She also said that to give you some tomato juice if you're being a good girl, I can still show mercy and give them to you, you know ?"

P7: " Don't you try making me drink that gross stuff ! I want ice-cream ! Strawberry ice-cream !"

MP5:" Oh have you forgotten ? You've used up the last scoop of your ice-cream to troll me."

P7:" Uuu..... how did this happen to me....."

MP5 :" Oh , is that the recon report on the table, mission accomplished , see ya ~"

P7:" Wait ! Cough.... please wait ! MP5 ! MP5-nee sama !"

P7:" Uuu..... the tomato juice.... please....."

(The chili is possibly the Naga Viper )