Story/Night 1-1 (Part2)/Script

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.... Reached the first out post.

MP5: Report, MP5 have arrived at the destination.

MG5: Looks like everything is going well, we were worried that this mission might be a little too hard.

MP5: Hehe, thanks to guidance from the commander, and I'll be careful

MG5: Good, have you found our scout there ?

MP5: About that.... I don't know where she went, perhaps she's hiding ?

??: Since I'm scouting in enemy territory, is it not common sense to hide ?

MP5: Kya ! Who's that !?

WA2000: Shh... the enemies are beside us, do you have a death wish screaming like that ?

MP5: (whispers) So-sorry... how's your situation here Miss WA2000 ?

WA2000: My situation ? It's fine, but the battlefield is another story.

WA2000: It's swarming with armoured bugs here, how do you get here alone ?

MP5: Me ? I was escorted by the local commander.

WA2000: Eh ? What !?

WA2000: Hey ! Why did it suddenly cut to the commander !?

MP5: Shh... please keep it down, the enemy is near !

WA2000: (whispers) I, I know, don't need to remind me.....

WA2000: Erm... are you the commander for Area S09 ?

WA2000: Err... thanks for your assistance, and.....

WA2000:.... nothing else, I salute you, over.

MP5: Eh ? That's all ?

WA2000: We are TDolls, all we need is just to finish the misson.

MP5: But.... your face looks red, are you embarrassed ?

WA2000: Wh-what are you talking about ! Besides, I was born only to complete the mission, it's normal to be socially awkward !

MP5: Are you confirming or denying it ... ?

WA2000: Enough with the chit chat, you're here for the report right , take it and scram.

MP5: Thank you Miss WA. Here's some supplies , specially prepared by Miss G36.

WA2000: Ah.... chocolate ice cream ? As expected of G36, she understands me well.

WA2000: But don't tell anyone this... WA2000 likes ice cream ? How funny.

MP5: About that... I'm very sorry.....

MP5: Actually... the communication with the commander was on all this while.....

WA2000: .............

WA2000:.... you should have said it earlier !!