Story/Night 1-1 (Part1)/Script

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..... Command center of Area S09

MG5: Thank you for coming to assist us, please allow me to explain the mission.

MG5: After we have successfully retaken Area S09, the higher ups plan to modify it into a human habitat.

MG5: However just as construction is about to begin, the scouting teams reported a large Sangvis Ferri gathering from afar.

MG5: We need concrete information, to use as a proof for Miss Helians negotiation with the building contractors.

MG5: For that we require a TDoll to link up with the other members to obtain the latest scouting intel.

MG5: She's already in position commander, we'll let you meet her next.

Scene 2

MP5: He-hello, I'm MP5 from Grifon.

MP5: Erm... are you the commander who retook Area S09 ? It's a honour to meet you.

MP5: To prevent raising any alarm, we will be moving during the night.

MP5: Night vision will help a lot, and if you have armour piercing ammo it will help with dealing with armoured enemies too.

MP5: After you've finish preparing. please lead me to the first scouting TDoll.