Story/Hunting Game (Part1)/Script

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[The FN Team arrives at the outskirts of the plant...]

Noel: Ah... does the “carrot”... refer to me?

FN-FNC: ...You don’t look that tasty.

FAL: Indeed, you will be the bait that draws out the “rabbit”.

Noel: Hah... I thought so too...

FAL: First, we’re going to infiltrate the plant and make ambush preparations.
There’ a server inside the plant with a backdoor program which can be accessed by an SF comms module.
We’ll use Intruder’s access privileges to open it, and then have you draw the “rabbit’s” attention.
Do you have a problem with anything so far?

Noel: ...
Yes ma’am! Not at all ma’am!

FAL: ...Hm? It’s not often that I get to see you acting like a soldier.

Noel: Everyone’s helping me too, so I’ll do my best to help everyone!

FN-49: Noel feels... really reliable.

Noel: ...Th-thank you!

FAL: Don’t worry, I’m not expecting much of you.
We’re simply putting you to use while performing some investigative work.
You should be grateful to me for giving you this chance.

Noel: Urk!... Or should I be glad instead? ...I feel kind of hurt, in any case...

FN-57: Everyone, our enemy is only a few wandering SF, but don’t get careless, alright?

FAL: They’re just a bunch of small fry, they don’t even count as entertainment for me.
Let’s go, time to feed the rabbit.