Story/Freaky Pandemic/E1-4 (Part1)/Script

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[...Inside the command center.]

[P7 obtains access and hurriedly downloads the data to reconstruct the paths of the base personnel in the morning.]

P7: Geez, getting this sure took a lot of effort... I'll have to brag a little the next time I see the Commander!
The culprit is really evil. I can't believe they tried to infect our entire base!
We might have ended up saving Griffin by doing this, don't you think, KSVK—

KSVK: Ugh...!

[There is a soft thud from behind P7. KSVK is collapsed on the floor. Standing in the doorway is P90, holding her gun.]

P7: W-W-Wha...?

P90: Don't worry, it was just a karate chop.
You, on the other hand... What are you trying to accomplish by wrecking the alarm system, P7?

[P7 is about to repeat her explanation to P90 when she glances at the holographic model on the control terminal and notices...]
[—The indistinct form from the security footage earlier was P90.]
[P7 freezes in place while P90 approaches her with her gun drawn.]


[P90 comes to a halt.]

P90: Oh? You're pointing your gun at me... What is the meaning of this?

P7: S-So it was you!
You were the one sneaking around and following me all afternoon!

P90: ...Following you? I have no idea what you're talking about.

P7: Don't pretend! You must be the one infecting everyone, isn't that right?
I already checked the security footage! You were present in all the locations where the infection broke out this morning, so don't tell me it was a coincidence!

P90: But it WAS a coincidence! H-How could I go around spreading a disease? You're sullying my good name!
And as for you, explain those weirdly colored spots on your hands!

P7: I accidentally got some stuff on me and...

P90: So you're an infected Doll, P7. Wait, don't tell me...YOU'RE the source of the infection?
And now you've snuck into the command center to destroy the security footage evidence!

P7: Y-You're talking nonsense!
Hmph, I'm going to grab you and hand you over to the Commander!

P90: That's my line!

[In the S.F. base.]

[The Secret Special Search Team overcomes one obstacle after another and finally comes face to face with Alchemist.]

Alchemist: Heh, what stubborn rats you are.
I won't lose to Griffin again... Torturing you will surely be more fun than torturing other Dolls.

Spitfire: Tch, don't get ahead of yourself.

Alchemist: You're a pack of fools. To think you actually believe I'm the one spreading that disease...
Yet, If I were in control of my own destiny, that may not be the worst thing to do.

Welrod MkⅡ: I would advise you to abandon such villainous ideation as soon as possible.

Alchemist: You know, you're so dumb that it's actually kind of adorable.
Do you understand how stupid you've been?
You fought your way here for something that could never happen to a Doll.

Spitfire: What would Sangvis trash like you know about preserving precious friends' lives?

Alchemist: Is that what you think...
Hmph, if we S.F. Dolls didn't understand that, then you wouldn't have found your way here today, Griffin.

Welrod MkⅡ: ...And what is that supposed to mean?

Alchemist: Nothing in particular...
It's just that...neither of us have ever been willing to acknowledge the certain things we have in common.

Spitfire: ...
There's no point in talking any further!
Let's go, Welrod! This day will go down in history as the anniversary date of her death!