Story/Emergency 9-4 (Part2)/Script

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[The battle ends.]

Judge: I can smell the AR Team, there’s a pile of SF remains here, as well as a signal transmitter in an empty factory.
If this is an attempt to ambush me, then laying a trap like this is really making light of me.

RO635: Now!

Negev: Attack! Attack! Kill her off!

[The Griffin forces direct fierce and accurate firepower at Judge, but they can’t strike her body.]

Judge: So it’s a three way crossfire… interesting.

RO635: We still can’t hurt her even like this!? SOP2!

M4 SOPMOD II: Taste my grenade!

[The grenade strikes Judge’s weapons systems.]

RO635: Go, SOP2!

M4 SOPMOD II: Surprise! We meet again, shorty!

Judge: Tch…

M4 SOPMOD II: Aw… that’s the first time I’ve seen you make that kind of face. Guess you didn’t take it as a joke this time.
If bullets don’t work on you, then we’ll take you down in hand-to-hand!

Judge: While I don’t know why you’re so confident in your melee skills, the Mastermind doesn’t want you dead… So I won’t go all-out on you.

RO635: Are you still talking big at a time like this?
Judge, you’ve been completely subdued by us. Surrender immediately and tell us M16’s location!
I’ll guarantee your safety - at the very least I’ll guarantee that SOP2 won’t lay her hands on you!

Judge: Subdued? Surrender? Stop talking nonsense.
I simply came over because I saw an AR Team IFF signal and was curious. And then it turned out to be you again… what a waste of time.
Besides… it seems the person who’s picking me up has arrived.

RO635: Picking you up?

Judge: Why is it her again… does the Master not have any other choice?

RO635: Judge! Surrender now, do you hear me!?

[Judge glances at RO.]
[Suddenly, she casts her left hand out at the Griffin forces.]

RO635: …! EMP! Look out!


Negev: Dammit! Was she so fast before...

[The sound of an engine thunders through the air.]

Judge: Goodbye, everyone.
I acknowledge your efforts in searching for what you have lost.
Hopefully next time, you will have a chance to find it...

[Judge jumps onto the chopper.]

Dreamer: My my my...
...Or should I say, to find "her".

RO635: ...!

[Within the SF transport craft.]

Dreamer: Thank you for your hard work, Judge-san.

Judge: Come off it, you never intended to pick me up in the first place, did you?

Dreamer: How could that be? After all, it was on Elisa-sama’s orders.

Judge: Elisa-sama’s orders should only have covered leaving the AR Team alive.

Dreamer: Hehe... and how is this different from the order to take you away?
Also, Elisa-sama really does need you. She personally gave the word for us to assemble.

Judge: Go on. What happened?

Dreamer: I’m not too sure, but Elisa-sama said… “I see something dangerous on the horizon.”

Judge: Something even Elisa-sama would regard as “dangerous”...

No way...

Dreamer: Our enemies… might not just be Griffin’s dolls.
It seems the party… is about to get started...

[Several minutes later, the Griffin dolls come to their senses.]

RO635: Can you move?

Negev: My body’s fine, not so much my digimind, but everyone else is functional.
If I’d known she was such a tough customer, I’d have taken extra precautions.

RO635: My apologies, I was too anxious.

Negev: Forget it, I haven’t met a monster like that in a while. It’s not bad.
The other support echelons are starting to arrive. I’ll go get them first, and then everyone can consider what to do next.
Head back first, someone’s waiting for you.

RO635: Thank you for your help. We’ll leave the perimeter to you...
...Er wait, you said someone was waiting for us?

Negev: Not like it’s very important. Don’t get your hopes up.

[Negev leaves.]

RO635: ...She is a weirdo.
SOP, are you alright?

M4 SOPMOD II: Mm… I guess… but we let her get away in the end...

RO635: Judge was much more powerful than we imagined. We were lucky that nobody was hurt this time round.

M4 SOPMOD II: RO, is what Dreamer said… really true?

RO635: …

M4 SOPMOD II: I always thought… if only I worked a little harder, if only I killed more SF, M16 would come back…
But now… I don’t know…
If things are that simple any more...

RO635: I don’t know either...
I… used to think that I was prepared, that I had found my direction…
But I didn’t… I couldn’t do anything right…
If only someone could tell me what to do…
Maybe I ought to talk with the Commander after we go back...


RO635: What’s the matter?

RO, that doll over there...

RO635: …!

???: Long time no see...

M4A1: …SOP2, and you, RO-san.

[For a moment, I thought SOP2 would pounce on her.]
[But she didn’t. She simply stood there, or rather, some force held her in place.]
[I knew she was checking the image of her friend against the impression she had of her in her digimind, the same thing that I was doing…]
Even though she was M4, an awakened and conscious M4, the AR Team’s leader I had heard so much about and longed to see with my own eyes.]
[And that was how we officially met.]

RO635: How do you do, M4A1-san, it’s an honor to meet you...

M4A1: It’s hardly an honor, I’m just a modification of the same product.

M4 SOPMOD II: M4, are… you alright?

M4A1: I’m fine. Thank you for your hard work, SOP2.
That thing… did it belong to M16-nee?

M4 SOPMOD II: M4… I’m sorry, M16-nee...

M4A1: ...I know what happened. You both did very well. Thank you.
Get on, we’re about to move out.

RO635: Move out? Move out where?

[In that moment, M4A1 looked at me. Her gaze was narrow and cold from her emotions.]
[I knew that look. It was a vengeful look, shaped from her lost digimind, just like the kind that M16A1 occasionally showed us.]

M4A1: Kryuger-san has personally announced an operation that has the utmost priority…
That is to say, the battle to annihilate the Mastermind.