Story/Emergency 9-4 (Part1)/Script

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Helian: Commander, are you already on board the chopper?
I have some good news for you. We’ve detected a powerful distress signal from the frontlines, and we believe it was sent by the AR Team. I believe you don’t wish the AR Team to suffer any further losses, so please send your forces there to rescue them as soon as possible.
In addition, it would be best if the rescue operation were accomplished swiftly, because Kryuger-san has just confirmed with me that a large-scale will be taking place afterwards.
SInce both you and him were present, I trust you understand the situation better than myself.
...There is little time for both you and the AR Team. I wish you the best of luck.


M4 SOPMOD II: I see a huge pack of SF headed our way!

RO635: They sure responded fast!
I’m also picking up a powerful signal, consistent with that of “Judge”!

M4 SOPMOD II: I’ll bet she’s not expecting it to be us again!

RO635: When she comes, you can jump up and yell “surprise!”

M4 SOPMOD II: Hehe, good idea!
But with just the two of us now, it’s going to be a little...

Negev: Team Negev to AR Team! Are the two of you still alive?

RO635: Perfect timing!
AR Team to Team Negev, this is RO, we’re awaiting rescue at the signal location.

Negev: Roger roger!
Next time, don’t run so damn far, or at least come back on your own two legs, okay?

RO635: If only SF were as understanding as you! Also, don’t you like overtime?

Negev: I don’t want to have anything to do with you! Next time, I really ought to work somewhere further away!
...Never mind that, what’s your situation?

RO635: Low on power, water, ammo, everything. When’s the rescue unit arriving?

Negev: We’re the vanguard for the rescue unit. The Commander’s forces will be coming soon.

RO635: Oh yes, the high-ranking SF doll “Judge” is approaching us too, she has valuable information!
We’d like to take her alive, so please suppress her as strongly as possible. We’ll think of something after that.

Negev: Tch… the Commander told me this would be a “rescue”, not a “capture”...

RO635: Things rarely go as planned! Be a pal, Negev-san!

Negev: A pal? You really don’t understand me, RO-san…
But I’m more than happy to break stuff. We’ll be ready and waiting for your signal.

RO635: Thank you! Then let’s begin!