Story/Emergency 9-3 (Part1)/Script

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Carter: I guess we’re about done with the details, and I believe Harvey didn’t say anything good.
Still, I’m sure you’re not the sort to be swayed by a few words from him.

Kryuger: Indeed, he didn’t mention anything that bothered me. I’ve already told my man to speed up the preparations for this operation.

Carter: Hm, you must have sensed it too. Someone might try to interfere with this operation, so it would be best to brgin as soon as possible.

Kryuger: We can begin by today. My Commander will deploy to the frontlines in tandem with your units. His forces are already standing by in place there.

Carter: Very well. I’ll have him head out in Yegor’s chopper afterwards.

Kryuger: Understood. Although, I’d like to speak to him in private before he moves out.

Carter: No problem,. I need to give the orders for what comes next as well.

[Carter and Yegor leave.]
[Kryuger receives a report.]

Kryuger: ...Is that so… the remaining members of the AR Team have also gone missing. Commander, do your best to locate them.
And you heard Harvey just now. He might not seem very reliable, but he’s never been the sort to spout nonsense. I have the feeling that something big is going to happen on this operation, so I will transfer every single doll I can muster in Griffin to you.
The rest is at your own discretion. Take care of your own safety.

Kryuger: Everything’s been said that has to be said. Let’s go, Yegor’s waiting outside.

[Kryuger opens the door]

Carter: Done? Captain, take the Griffin Commander and head out.

Yegor: Sir.

Kryuger: General, I have some questions for you.

Carter: Certainly.

[The door closes. The forms of Kryuger and Carter vanish into the throng of guests.]

Yegor: This way please, Commander of Griffin.