Story/Emergency 9-2 (Part1)/Script

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Harvey: So, where shall I begin?
How about… the unfortunate Lyco?

Kryuger: ……
I regret what happened to Lyco too.

Harvey: No no, there’s nothing to regret, it was fate. Heaven gave him his mission, but he just so happened to be unlucky.
Carter said he wanted something, right? What was its name… “Elisa”?

Kryuger: ...That’s the name of the AI which has been directing SF against us.

Harvey: Elisa. What a nice name. But is it really that important? So important that you’d need to mobilize the army in order to get rid of her?

Kryuger: This is for the future of doll technology. The army needs better doll technology to prepare itself for the future.

Harvey: Hahahaha! Ah… Kryuger-san...
Do you honestly believe that bullshit Carter is spouting about the future of technology? I’m a dollmaker and I don’t think an AI that can operate itself is going to be stronger than a force of over a thousand of my company’s dolls.
Besides, dolls are… well, in this day and age, how are infantry support systems going to catch the eyes of those wily old foxes who were baptized in the flames of war?

Kryuger: What you mean is...

Harvey: What kind of network does SF use? And what was Elisa based on?

Kryuger: OGAS…? You mean Carter wants the OGAS system? Wasn’t it abandoned in the 80s?

Harvey: Seems like you’re getting it. Fortunately, we aren’t being led by the stupid leaders of the 80s. Otherwise we’d all be raising beans for a living in Siberia.
What I can tell you is that it wasn’t dug out of a good place. It was once… a location that was closely watched by everyone.

Kryuger: …

Harvey: If you ask me, it’s not necessarily Carter himself that wants her, Kryuger-san.
Carter’s just an insignificant actor in the big scheme of things, and the person who’s really calling the shots is… hehehe…
I’m sure you already know, but an alliance that supersedes nations is slowly taking shape.
But there are always those conservatives who want to stop such revolutionary movements, and who wins and who loses is often determined by who is more powerful.

[Harvey sidles up to Kryuger]

Harvey: Kryuger-san. I came here to give you a warning: don’t be a bird in the storm.
The storm destroys everything it draws into itself, and it doesn’t care if the bird flew in by accident.

[Harvey rises and prepares to leave.]

Harvey: I’ll be hard pressed to explain the loss of a big client like yourself to the board of directors, and I do want to draw more salary for my old age.

Kryuger: …

[Just then, the door opens.]

Carter: Sorry for the wait, the matter’s been… Harvey!

Harvey: *glances at Kryuger* I told you, 5 minutes.

Carter: I knew it was your fault! Nobody other than you would have done something that immoral!
How dare you disgrace me at a place like this, Harvey!

Harvey: Ah, General Carter, what do you mean? As an officer of high standing, I believe you ought to be more circumspect with your words.

Carter: Get out of my sight right now or I’ll break your other leg with your walking stick!

Harvey: Yes yes, you’re the general, I’m going now.

[Harvey whispers into Kryuger’s ear.]

Harvey: I simply had someone let the air out of the guests’ tires. Oh, except yours. Hehehe...
Oh, and as for that Commander over there. You’ve done pretty well in my book. I believe we’ll meet again in the near future.
Well then, see you again, everyone.