Story/Emergency 8-4 (Part1)/Script

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Little Girl's Voice: Mama... will we really get to eat every day when we get there?''
Mature Woman's Voice: Of course, my dear.
We’ll be able to eat three meals a day, and we won’t meet any more of those monsters.
Little Girl's Voice: Yay! That’s great!

M4A1:What… is this…
What are these scenes that I’m seeing?

Calm Woman's Voice: They’re memories belonging to a certain someone...
Be quiet, stand aside, and watch.

Mess of Voices: Oi! Run!
Run for your lives! It’s an air raid! An air raid is coming!

Little Girl's Voice: Mama! Mama! Where are you!?


Old Woman's Voice: You’ll be living here from now on.
Poor thing, I feel sorry about your mother and father…
But you must understand, in this world… you don’t eat if you don’t work.

Girl's Voice: Mm… I understand...
Papa… Mama… why did things end up like this...


Flirty Male Voice: Hey, baby.
You pass by here every day and you look like you’re staring into the PMC camp.

Girl's Voice: ...I was just… passing through...

Flirty Male Voice: I hear there’s a PMC big shot in there, babe.
I remember… in the past there was a case where refugees were killed by accident? What a tragedy…
There are rumors which say that he might have been in command back then, hm?

Girl's Voice: …!

Flirty Male Voice: Of course, just knowing about that won’t do you any good.
But with this, however, things are different.

Girl's Voice: …!
...A handgun!
But… I don’t have any money...

Flirty Male Voice: Hehe, well, money’s not the only form of currency in the world.
How about it, want to make a deal?


M4A1:A handgun…? Why… would she want something like that?

Calm Woman's Voice: For revenge. To take revenge... for her family.

M4A1:I don’t understand… her decision was far too rash. What was the meaning of doing so?

Calm Woman's Voice: Perhaps you cannot understand...
But… I can.


Soldier's Voice: Have you heard? There’ve been a few murders recently, all targeted at PMCs.
Means extra work for us.
Soldier's Voice: Hold up, miss. This is a restricted area. State your purpose.

Girl's Voice: I’m here to deliver bread, I’m expected...

Soldier's Voice: So it’s your turn to make deliveries today? Alright, get in there.


Middle-Aged Man's Voice: Hey, what the hell are you doing!?

Girl's Voice: You’re the Devil’s helper… so join him in Hell!

[Bang! Bang!]

Mess of Voices: Found him! Shoot, he’s getting away!

Soldier's Voice: Did you get him? Go over and take a look, but be careful!
Soldier's Voice: Wait a minute… that’s... that’s the girl from back then!

Girl's Voice: ...
Papa… Mama…
This should be enough, right…?


Lazy Woman’s Voice: Is that so… Something like that happened even in a place like that...
...You’re right, I’m guessing there’s still hope.
How about it, will you give me a chance? Just so happens my lab needs a volunteer...


M4A1:...That girl… what happened to her after that?

Calm Woman's Voice: Are you worried about her?

M4A1:I don’t know...
Maybe I’m just curious… about whether or not she really died.

Calm Woman's Voice: She won’t die, not before completing her purpose...

Who… are you?

Calm Woman's Voice: … You don’t remember?
We… should have met before...


[Sector S02, SF Command Room.]

Destroyer: Dreamer! What are you doing!? Griffin forces have made it to the command post!
Hurry up and do something those invincible aerial weapons of yours!

Dreamer: Don’t get excited, Destroyer. It’s not time to get serious yet...

Destroyer: Hah!? Our territory’s about to be taken!
And don’t tell me you don’t know how important this place is!

Dreamer: But this is your territory, isn’t it? It’s got nothing to do with me.

[Dreamer rises from her seat.]

Destroyer: Oi! Oi! Where are you going, Dreamer!?

Dreamer: Agent… has handed down new instructions. I ought to carry them out.

  • sighs* What a pain. It seems I’m just going to meet someone, but I have to go...

Destroying something instead would be so much more fun.

Destroyer: That… that’s right! If you’re free, why don’t you help me out!?

Dreamer: Well...
That’s true. It seems it might be a little inconvenient to go out like this.
I guess I’ll have to dust off the doorstep, then…. You, come with me.

Destroyer: Eh? Me too? But what about the command room...
Hey! Wait for me, Dreamer!

Dreamer: Hurry, the cleanup’s about to start.

  • quietly* At times like these… we need to have some bait...