Story/Emergency 8-2 (Part2)/Script

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[An hour later, M16 is en route to the source of the signal.]

M16A1:This is the origin of the signal.
Its a factory, but abandoned, of course.

Persica: Go in, M16.
Find the signal and verify it.

M16A1:You’re sure you want me to go in alone?
A quick glance tells me that the layout of the interior is very complicated. I don’t know how long I’ll take to find it.

Persica: Don’t forget, M16, you can enter the SF network now.
Scan the special features of the terrain and see it it matches anything in your neural cloud.

[M16 walks toward the entrance of the factory and begins scanning and matching.]

M16A1:Eh? These records are...
Why do I have a partial map of this factory in my neural cloud?
When... was this map saved...

Persica: As I thought...
M16, you came here once, and your neural cloud contains the authorization needed to download the map.
Once you connected to the factory’s network, you re-downloaded it.

M16A1:I… came here once?
But I… don’t remember doing so...

Persica: Neural clouds can be altered. Several parts of your neural cloud’s records have been completely erased.
You should still remember that your neural cloud can’t be replicated, right?

M16A1:Yes, that’s true...

Persica: That would imply that all your memories are unique and can’t be replicated.
So if your memories were wiped… then those memories would no longer exist...

Persica: …!

M16A1:What is it, isn’t what you said simple common sense?
Persica: So that was it, huh… so it was… making use of that feature… dammit!
It would seem that operation really was a huge gamble…
Given the present circumstances,, I guess I was pretty lucky.

[M16 sighs long and deeply.]

M16A1:Persica… what exactly are you saying?

Persica: M16A1, do you know about the Butterfly Incident?

M16A1:Is that the one where Lyco met with an accident?

Persica: That’s right… there was a riot in the Sangvis Ferri factory one night. The reasons for it were unknown and the matter was shrouded in secrecy.
Lyco died in that incident, and from then on SF became an enemy of mankind.

M16A1:So this factory… was the source of all the trouble?

Persica: Based on how things are right now… that appears to be the case.

M16A1:Still, there’s no point knowing about that now, right? I’ve gained access to the factory. Even the main door’s open to me.
I’m heading deeper into the factory now. There’s bullet holes everywhere, as well as blood and smashed-up parts.
But there’s nothing important here. Looks like it must have been cleaned up.

Persica: That’s why we need to investigate that signal.
M16, go further in and check. Don’t worry about unnecessary things. You don’t have much time.

M16A1:Hah. I don’t care about what happened here, or what happened to my neural cloud.
But let me remind you again; the reason why I’m willing to accept this order while keeping it from my friends and the Commander is because...

Persica: Because it is your only order, and an absolute one, of the highest priority.
Don’t worry, M16. On that point, you and I are of one mind.