Story/Emergency 8-2 (Part1)/Script

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Calling Persica!

Persica: Yeah, I’m here.
Persica: Sorry, I just went to check on M4.

M16A1:Is she… alright?

Persica: Everything’s… going according to plan.
Let’s leave that aside for now. RO didn’t see what you were doing while she was in the database, right?

M16A1:No, I took care of it by the time she came out.

Persica: Really now… how’s your condition?

M16A1:Hmph, don’t tell me… I still have time to change my mind.
Still, I have a question. Take it as a bold suspicion born of an unstable digimind, but can you answer?

Persica: Things being what they are, go ahead.

M16A1:I once searched Griffin’s databases about Lyco’s death. There were 378 reports indicating that he died because of an accident.
Therefore, I can’t understand your obsession with him.
Whatever he did, he’s dead now, so why are you still bothered by him?

Persica: That was because he died in a very suspicious way.
Even if he died, he wouldn’t do so from an accident.
...Therefore, I can’t bring myself to accept that conclusion.

M16A1:Hah, I didn’t think you were so perceptive.
Persica, are you really a researcher?

Persica: I’ve gotten through my share of life and death situations just like you, M16. Survival’s a trick you pick up.
In any case, this is your objective.
The Commander will keep the SF offensive at bay and ensure you can investigate in safety.

M16A1:Investigate the source of… that weird signal, huh...
When exactly did you notice it?

Persica: While RO was in the SF main trunk network and searching for File 7...
I secretly used RO’s neural cloud to do some searching of my own, and I just so happened to download an interesting document.

M16A1:While I ought to remind you that documents from the SF net are potentially infectious...
Hehe, there’s no point saying that now, is there?

Persica: Even RO herself can easily get rid of second-rate viruses like what SF uses, but that’s not the point.
I downloaded that document because it was encrypted in a way that was completely different from the SF model.
Therefore, this is a letter, an invitation that promises to make it worth your while… did you get the coordinates I sent?

M16A1:An invitation… is it?
I’ve been through many battles until now, but I’ve never seen such a spine-chilling invitation.

Persica: What’s the matter? Getting cold feet now?

M16A1:It’s possible that my digimind might collapse… especially now.
...Though it’s a shame that my neural cloud can’t be replicated.
There’s a lot of experience which… I’m afraid I won’t be able to share with M4.

Persica: It looks like... you think of her in everything that you do.

All this was to protect M4...
That was the only order you gave me, but also an absolute one.

Persica: I’m glad you still remember.
She’ll wake up soon, M16.
If you move fast, you might still be in time to bid her farewell.

M16A1:Forget it, I don’t have time to say anything...
Let’s just get it over with quickly. Right now… it’s the only thing I can do.