Story/Emergency 7-2 (Part1)/Script

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AAT-52: M16, are you...ok?

M16A1: ...I'm fine. I'll live.
In any case, we must get to their location first and find out if...

AAT-52: Um...don't worry too much.
Our squad has come under Jupiter's barrage a few times before and has come up with some contingencies.

M16A1: Well... I certainly hope they worked...
We underestimated Dreamer's computing capacity. Maybe this is all part of her plan.

RO635: M16, I have just contacted the commander.
Execute your preset strategem to rescue SOP-II and my squadmates as soon as all nearby Sangvis units are cleaned up.

M16A1: Understood. Then you'd better head back first, AAT.

AAT-52: Huh? Are you sure you don't need my help?

RO635: M16 can manage this along. It's a fool-proof plan that the commander and I devised together.
Besides, I need your help over here.

AAT-52: Got it. Then make sure you bring everyone back, M16!

M16A1: I will.
Commander, I'm leaving the enemies ahead to you!