Story/Emergency 7-1 (Part2)/Script

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M16 reached the safe house.

M16A1: ...

It's clearly time for the intel collection, but no one's here...

They did leave the information in the box. Let me see...


M16A1: Who's there?!


Something's poking out from around the corner... Bunny ears?

No, it seems to be some kind of hair accessory?

M16A1 approaches silently...

M16A1: Gotcha!

??: WHOA--!!

Don't shoot! We're friends!

AAT-52: (Whimpers)

That hurt! Why does everyone like yanking on my hair?!

M16A1: AAT52...

What's a T-Doll like you doing in a place like this?

AAT-52: Huh? Can't I just be passing by? Can't a cute idol go on a tour to visit her fans?

And what do you mean, "a T-Doll like me"?! I've taken part in first-class operations too, you know!

Don't get cocky just because you're in the AR Team! We won't lose to you!

M16A1: ...

You're from RO's squad, aren't you?

AAT-52: Eh? So you knew...

That's right, we're Squad Palette, here to assist you on our former leader's orders!

M16A1: "Palette"? What kind of weird name is that...

And if you're here to help us, why did you hide when you saw me?

AAT-52: I...was spooked...

M16A1: Spooked?

AAT-52: I couldn't make out your face. I saw black hair and just assumed it was her again!

M16A1: Her? Who?

AAT-52: Dreamer, duh!

She's been really elusive lately. No one knows where she might pop up the next second.

M16A1: ...

What is that monster trying to cook up this time...

...Suddenly, the sound of an engine being started comes from a distance.

AAT-52: Duck!

M16A1: ...?!


A building far away is instantly blown to dust.

M16A1: Hey, what the heck is that?!

AAT-52: Another masterpiece of that half-pint witch!

The thing that's blowing up Area S05 with heavy artillery!

M16A1: But this area is currently under Sangvis control, right?! What's the point in destroying their own territory?

AAT-52: Who knows. Maybe she's gone barking mad!

RO635: M16! AAT! Are you guys alright?!

M16A1: Yeah, we're fine... That shell landed pretty far from where we are.

RO635: M16, keep calm and listen to me...

The shell was aimed at SOP-II's destination.

M16A1: ...WHAT?!

AAT-52: Hey, what about Sten?

Is she okay?!

RO635: No word yet, but there's an air-raid shelter there so don't worry too much.

AAT-52: Is this round...the same as the ones before?

RO635: Yes, it's a smokescreen meant to confuse us. She sure is a cunning one...

Let's meet up ASAP. Area S05 isn't safe anymore.

M16A1: ...

RO, do you know the artillery piece Dreamer is using?

I just find the firing sound...very familiar...

RO635: Yes, M16...

You would, wouldn't you...

Because you were among those who first witnessed the use of this weapon...

M16A1: ...!

During Episode 5, 26 minutes after the AR Team commenced pursuit of Destroyer...

M4A1: Wait. Listen to that...

M16A1: Now! Run for it!

M4A1: M16, watch out!!

M16A1: ...?!


M16A1: ...!!

W-What was that...just now?

M4 SOPMOD II: You've gotta be joking. Sangvis can actually use...a weapon of that scale?

M4A1: ...Guys, I just received a report from Helian. We have suffered heavy losses.

HQ is ordering all troops to abort the pursuit and retreat from the area immediately.

M4 SOPMOD II: But AR-15...

M16A1: ...

RO635: "Jupiter", large-scale electromagnetic tactical mortar.

Its firing range rivals that of the military's standard artillery, and it fires at such high velocity that Griffin simply has no way of defending against it.

That's Sangvis Ferri's latest weapon of mass destruction... ...And the very thing that destroyed your last hope of saving AR-15.