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RO635: M16A1... Is this the agreed time...?

M16A1: Yeah...

I don't know what I expected.

Did I hope that I'd hear her voice the second before the call ended, telling me it was all a joke?

Fine... Maybe I really did...

In any case, it didn't happen...

Nothing happened at all...

After that incident, Griffin has withdrawn from Area S08 for good.

HQ could no longer afford to dispatch troops back into a wasteland crawling with Sangvis units in search of a single missing T-Doll.

Our scouts also reported nothing unusual during the 39 days when they monitored the borders from a distance.

RO635: ...

Which means AR-15...

M16A1: As a T-Doll produced clandestinely by 16Lab, AR-15 wasn't equipped with a complete neural cloud, so HQ doesn't have the means to reconstruct her identity.

In other words, AR-15 of the AR Team--the AR-15 who served with M4A1, SOP-II and me--has ceased to exist...

We must at least acknowledge this most terrible fact...

Though actually...things DID get even more terrible than that.

RO635: M4A1 will be fine. She just needs time.

We must stay strong for now and prepare for vengeance.

M16A1: I know. Vengeance is the greatest solace,

For them as well as for us...

Brief us on this mission, RO. I can hardly wait.

Area S05, a land of skirmish between Griffin and Sangvis Ferris...

RO635: We are to track a Sangvis Ringleader. Griffin's No.1 most wanted criminal who perpetrated the assaults on many of our contracted areas.

Also...she seems to have returned to her original base after coming into contact with us a month ago.

M16A1: Dreamer...

So what are we waiting for? Can't we just surround and destroy her?

RO635: We can't ascertain whether that is her original body or just a dummy. Not to mention she is armed with powerful weapons that far exceed Sangvis Ferris' standard technology.

I've witnessed her destructiveness myself. Any rash attacks would be highly dangerous.

That's why I've enlisted the help of several friends. They have discovered a lot of information during their investigation...

M16A1: Friends?

RO635: Before I joined the AR Team, I was the leader of a certain squad--an experience designed to train and test my command module.

They are my former squadmates. I'm pulling in favors asking them for help.

M16A1: You "asked"? ...Through official procedures?

RO635: (Grins) I have my ways.

In any case, we need to extract them, as well as their information.

To make this more efficient, you and SOP-II are to rendezvous with them at the pick-up point.

M16A1: Got it. What about the Sangvis forces along the way? Area S05 isn't exactly safe these days.

RO635: The commander will take care of them. Let's move once the coast is clear.