Story/Emergency 6-4 (Part1)/Script

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Helian: As you see, Commander, the Sangvis attack is far from over.
The T-Dolls may have started withdrawing in groups, but the battlefield is still in chaos...
Especially when we still can't determine the number of T-Dolls trapped within the jam.

Negev: Sorry I'm late.

Helian: Still alive then, Negev?

Negev: Still got a breath left in me, but that's not enough to kill all the enemies.
A few scouts are still in the jam, as well as what's left of the AR Team.
I've pointed them to a base so they're relatively safe for now...
But that's only temporary, as the center of the jam is the heart of the Sangvis camp, which is surrounded by Sangvis units!

Helian: Understood. Hold the base for now. We will send a carrier to get you.
Commander, we need your troops to seize the sentry post in the area to clear and safeguard the course of our aircraft.
Please move with haste and ensure the safe retreat of the last batch of our T-Dolls!