Story/Emergency 6-2 (Part1)/Script

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Helian: M16, tell me what happened in the field!
I already gave the order to retreat, so why are there so many units still in there?!

M16A1: They're stuck in front of a pass, and the signal is jammed there.
There are Sangvis forces lying in ambush everywhere. Forcing our way through from either side will result in severe losses!

Helian: Parapluie is still in effect? Why didn't AR-15 leave?

M16A1: She's probably being pinned down by the Ringleader...
It's also this Alchemist's idea to provoke Negev...

Helian: The cunning type, huh... My investigation failed to reflect that.
Then our most pressing mission is to get AR-15 out of her tight spot?

M16A1: Yes, so we've come up with a plan just now...
Commander, do you copy?
We're planning to send SOP-II across the field and into the jam.
She will direct everyone in there to follow the right route of evacuation.
Commander, the safety of AR-15, M4A1, and all other Griffin members...
All rest on you. Please complete this mission without fail!