Story/Emergency 6-1 (Part2)/Script

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[Combat over. Squad Negev successfully retreated from the zone of danger.]

TAR-21: We're finally out of the lions' den. Thank you very much for your help, Commander.

Galil: But what about Negev? We can't just leave her in there alone.

M16A1: She's not alone. SOP-II from our team is also in there.
Two suicidal nuts sticking together should have a better chance of surviving, I guess...

TAR-21: Glad you're okay, M16.
So what should we do now?
Things aren't going well for Griffin, are they?

M16A1: That's an understatement... Sangvis forces of this size and that signal jam. Anyone who made it out should count herself lucky.
There simply are too many to rescue. Let's do what we can for now...
And leave whatever's in there to the battle maniacs.

[Meanwhile, on the transport route in Area S08.]

Alchemist: What's the matter, AR-15? Still as a statue, aren't you?
If you don't leave, many of your friends won't make it out either.
Well? Are you going to tell me where you've hidden M4?

ST AR-15: Alchemist, what...have you done...

Alchemist: Me? I merely provoked and misled a few of your squads.
They thought I was the one in charge of the entire attack and just made a beeline at me.
Now all I have to do is trap you here at this crucial pass...

ST AR-15: And their comms will be jammed, leaving them helplessly isolated...

Alchemist: It'll only take the blink of an eye to destroy these pathetic toys with my troops...
But I've given you all this time to weigh your options...
Give me M4A1's location, or watch me tear your friends to pieces, one by one.

ST AR-15: ...Don't try to guilt-trip me, Alchemist. Threats won't work either.
Protecting M4 is my order. I will never bow to my enemies!

Alchemist: Hahaha! I love idiots like you. Your existence is what makes my world so beautiful!
You think the execution is gonna be quick? You think I'll be satisfied with such a short feast?
While you're stubbornly standing by your beliefs, more and more Griffin T-Dolls are coming here to die in vain!

ST AR-15: Do whatever you want, Alchemist. I don't care what form of cruelty you want to unleash...
Just remember. No matter what you do...
...Only one of us will walk out of this alive.