Story/Emergency 6-1 (Part1)/Script

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Alchemist: Oh? How long will you last with your antique rounds?
Now let me guess. Are you gonna get shredded along with your little friends, or keel over as you run away on your own?
Paint your face with the sweetest kind of fear and let me have a taste!

[One hour into the operation. Squad Negev is surrounded by Sangvis troops and in dire situation.]

Galil: Dammit... It's as if we've kicked a hornet's nest! They just keep swarming at us!
Since when were there so many Sangvis units in Area S08?!

TAR-21: This is abnormal. Commanding this many units is far beyond the capability of a regular Ringleader.
Alchemist could just be a bait to lure us into this trap...

Galil: Whatever the case, we're not gonna last long!
Negev, order us to fall back!
...Negev? Negev, do you copy?!

TAR-21: Negev's signal has vanished. She must've gone within the Parapluie jam.
She's out for blood. Looks like we're on our own again...
Commander, are you listening? We've temporarily lost contact with Negev so we need your help.
Please fend off these Sangvis interceptors and cover our retreat.