Story/Emergency 5-4 (Part2)/Script

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[Factory, Griffin HQ...]

Helian: Mr. Kryuger, the analysis is out.
The information left behind by AR-15 matches with Squad 404's previous discovery.

Kyruger: Looks like Sangvis Ferri intends to wipe out Griffin once and for all with their next plan.

Helian: So soon? I find it hard to believe they have that many T-Dolls in reserve.

Kyruger: They don't need T-Dolls, Helian. She has something way more dangerous up her sleeve.

Helian: Mr. Kryuger... You've already found out so much.
Did you really come across her in that building?

Kyruger: ...
It's raining on the plain, and parapluie...or the key.
No matter. With AR-15's information, we can now find the exact location of this Plan Parapluie.

Helian: AR-15...
She's still doing her best to help us even now...

Kyruger: She is merely fulfilling her purpose, Helian.

Helian: I understand, but right now I'm just a little...

Kyruger: I have no prejudice against T-Dolls, and I am very grateful for the duty they shoulder for mankind's sake.
I can also understand why some field commanders treat them as equals.
But whether you view them as tools or friends or whatever...
The moment they fall under outside control, you have to make a choice.
Bid them farewell in person, or stand by and watch as they drag everyone along into the abyss.

Helian: Then...our choice is...

Kyruger: Give it a bit more time, Helian. The choice is not ours to make.
That commander stills needs some time.

Helian: Is this another...grooming session?

Kyruger: No...
This time, it's a test.
Helian, take stock of our T-Doll roster. Report all the ones fit for battle.
We must be prepared. It's our turn to make a move now.