Story/Emergency 5-1 (Part2)/Script

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[Retreated to safety zone.]

IDW: Oh, the T-Dolls who were a big help last time!
We meet again!

M4A1: Sorry we are late. Where are the others?

IDW: Everyone's fine. You're the last team to arrive.
With that, all of us have made it back safely.

M16A1: Any injured units here? Let us help too.

IDW: Sure! Heaven knows where M82 has run off to. It's really a bit too much for me alone.
Thank you so much!

M16A1: No problem. None of the injuries are too serious. It shouldn't be too much trouble.

IDW: True. Thank goodness they were just feeling us out with the first wave. But it gave me quite a scare when they appeared completely out of the blue.

M16A1: you have any clues regarding the weapon Sangvis Ferri used just now?

IDW: Hmm... It happened so quickly I couldn't make out anything.
But judging by the marks left on the ground, it's probably game over if you get hit.

M4A1: ...

M4 SOPMOD II: What is it, M4?

M4A1: Nothing...
...Just a bit afraid.
How many Sangvis Ferri still hiding?