Story/Emergency 4-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 4-4-3

Audio replay start……
“They are in your house.”
“They are in your car.”
“They are in your skies…”
M16A1: So, these are those recordings?
M4 SOPMOD II: Yeah, none of them make sense. “In your house, in your car, in your skies….”
AR15: Don't mind them. Next, this is the last one we found?
M4A1: Yes, I'll play it now…
“...coming for...”
……Replay end.
AR15: “Now they're coming for you.”
AR15: ….What is this?
M4 SOPMOD II: “Now they are coming for you.”
AR15: I know what it means, the problem is….
M16A1: It doesn't make sense, but there's no need to make sense of it.
M16A1: The important thing is, the question of what exactly comes out of combining all these Audio Files.
M4A1: Using the method Ms. Kalina told me, I already have combined the files after decrypting them.
M4 SOPMOD II: Eh? M4 really learned it quickly; I couldn't make sense of it when Ms. Kalina told me about it.
AR15: Can't be helped. Your AI efficiency is only around that level.
M4 SOPMOD II: Then were you able to learn it, AR-15!?
AR15: I….I have no need for cheap tricks like that, you see.
M16A1: Quit it. M4, what did you find?
M4A1: After that, I obtained a new file.
M4A1: …...a solitary picture.
M16A1: Just as I speculated, right?
M4A1: …...Yes, it was that operation we were progressing back then.

Scene 4-4-4

M4A1: They recorded everything about us without a single omission.
M4A1: We don't know who it is, nor how they did it, and we have no idea why they did this.
M16A1: ……
M16A1: There are several clues, but it doesn't seem like it will turn over anything that 'they' would find useful.
AR15: In short, these files are of no use to us?
M4 SOPMOD II: But….won't the be of help to the Commander?
M16A1: …...AR-15, put this file in the Complete List of Conspiracy System.
M16A1: That way the record of it being replayed won't remain, and we can lower the chances of it being discovered by the Grifon Headquarters.
AR15: Got it. M4, go tell the Commander. Let's meet after.

Scene 4-4-5

M4A1: Hello Commander. This is an item from me.
M4A1: ….Yes, this is the truth that we were unable to tell because of our lack of permission…….
M4A1: The reason why AR Platoon was pursued by the SF, the entire story….
M4A1: Now then, we will prepare immediately. Toward our memory in the past….
Episode 0 Opened. Please select it directly in the past records.