Story/Emergency 4-4 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 4-4-1

M16A1: This coordinate, there's no mistaking it; it is near that Zone.
M16A1: …The safe house we were almost annihilated in.
M16A1: Looking back, it was the most dangerous operation assigned to the AR Platoon.
M16A1: M4, I'm sure your impression goes far deeper.
M4A1: ….Yes.
M4A1: ….Agent.
M16A1: If so, just who left these behind?
M4A1: I don't know. Perhaps this can be solved only by finding the last coordinate, though that is a mere possibility at the moment.
M16A1: Is it just...”possibility”…?
M4A1: That's plenty enough. Let's look over the map one last time.

Scene 4-4-2

M4A1: Commander, you have already approved of our operation. Right now, a Grifon's Doll Echelon is right now making a path for us.
M16A1: Oh, you are quite enthused on this current task, our Commander.
M4A1: According to him, this is a chance to raise the war record for the Headquarters, even if done poorly.
M16A1: Do you believe so? As for me, it seems that the Commander just likes a little challenge… I like that type of personality.
M4A1: Is it just...”possibility”…?
M16A1: That's adequate. Let us go…
M16A1: ……For the last time.