Story/Emergency 4-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 4-3-3

M4A1: the third tape recording.
M4A1: I will now play it.

Scene 4-3-4

Audio replay start……
“ the skies...”
……Replay end.

Scene 4-3-5

M4A1: They are in the skies?
M4A1: What could this possibly mean?
AR15: It has no meaning. It's just a boring prose.

Scene 4-3-6

AR15: I didn't even think this was possible; to think that you really did seriously begin the research.
M4A1: AR-15, you came.
AR15: I just wanted to see the purpose of the thing we fought tooth and nail for.
M4A1: This operation was declared and led by the Commander. There must be no objection.
AR15: I have no objection against the order, but if the end objective we gained is this recording we know nothing about...then it really is a waste of energy.
M4A1: There's still one more recording left. When we find it, everything will be made clear.
AR15: Be careful, M4A1. As you already know, our Cloud Mindmaps can't be backed up on Grifon servers.
AR15: If we are destroyed, we will be...(shrug)
M4A1: Don't worry. Finally, everyone is gathered here. And now we will never lose another compatriot again.
AR15: Hmh, you gained confidence, M4A1. The old-you at this point would have doubted yourself.
M4A1: Well, that...when we lost each other, I understood the feeling of losing everyone.
M4A1: I don't know if I gained confidence, but I need to take responsibility in order to prevent that mistake from occurring again.
AR15: If so, that's a relief. But don't push yourself too hard.
AR15: What you have to watch out most for when dealing with dolls is not death, but disappointment.
M4A1: AR-15……
M4A1: Have you ever...experienced “death”…?
AR15: ……
AR15: A doll's “death”….What meaning does that have?
AR15: Even if this recording is indeed something a certain doll left behind, when compared to the truth, is her heart really that important?
M4A1: AR-15...we are relatively in luck. The Commander gathered and looks after us. It's like...we becoming a family.
AR15: Apologies, Commander. There really isn't any particular reason for my talk…
AR15: We are simply AI, strategy-tool, and nothing else.
AR15: Now, let's go and complete our operation, M4A1.
M4A1: Yes, Ms. Kalina sent the coordination again. I'll check it…
AR15: ….One sec.

Scene 4-3-7

AR15: This coordinate…
AR15: Could it be the place we went… during that time?
M4A1: That time?
AR15: Yes, that place in Zone S09 where…we countered SF's Agent.