Story/Emergency 4-3 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 4-3-1

M4A1: Good morning, Commander and Ms. Kalina.
Kalina: Yes, the decryption is going smoothly. We will soon be able to find the third coordinate!
M4A1: I don't know… Ms. Kalina, how did you find the decryption method?
Kalina: It's because it's a very primitive cipher. It can't be cracked just by simply having an AI go at it.
Kalina: I might not look like it, but I have a lot of random knowledge.
M4A1: Well...if this really is a doll's Cloud Mindmap left behind, why would they use that encryption method…
Kalina: Not sure about that. Well, anyway; let's see the next coordinate.

Scene 4-3-2

(Radio) M4A1: It'll probably be here, according to the coordinate.
(Radio) M4A1: Commander, after the cleanup is complete, we will collect a new spoil.
(Radio) Kalina: Great. Commander, we will head toward here now.