Story/Emergency 4-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 4-2-3

M4 SOPMOD II: Sir look!
M4 SOPMOD II: The second coordinate, and the...
M4 SOPMOD II: Tada! That Ferri leader's dummy, it's right eye ball!
M4 SOPMOD II: Hehe, last time I only manage to get the left one, now I got both of them!
M4A1: Stop right now SOP-II, you're scaring the Commander.
M4A1: *Sigh* Sorry Sir, you witnessed SOP II's true nature, once again.
M4A1: SOP II, the infamous Android Tormentor on the battlefield.
M4 SOPMOD II: Eehhhhhh--!
M4 SOPMOD II: That's so mean M4, aren't we a family?!
M4A1: Not even denying your crimes...
M4 SOPMOD II: Yea, they're bad guys right? That's the only correct method!
M4A1: I think you're just enjoying it yourself...
M4 SOPMOD II: Hey the Ferri have many interesting spare parts, it's such a waste if we don't pull them out and toy with them.
M4A1: Eye balls? Fingers? Tooth? And that--
M4A1: That... That thing...
M4 SOPMOD II: Huh? which one you mean?
M4A1: *Sigh* ...Never mind that... SOP II, glad you are a friend.
M4 SOPMOD II: Hehe, this is destiny, we're best friends!
M4A1: Heh... Yea, destiny always arranges the best for each one of us.
M4A1: Alright, let's check out the audio file.
M4 SOPMOD II: Hurry hurry! I can't wait!

Scene 4-2-4

Audio starts...
" your..."
M4 SOPMOD II: "They're in your car?" Is that what it means?
M4A1: This phrase itself isn't important, lets deliver it to Ms Kalina.
M4 SOPMOD II: Don't worry, I'll have Commander accompany me for the delivery!
M4A1: Please be careful Commander, if SOP II transforms on the way, please call for assistance right away.
M4 SOPMOD II: Hey don't make me look like a fiend!