Story/Emergency 4-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 4-1-3

...End of operation, centre of G&K Garrison.
M4A1: Commander, Ms Kalina, this is what we found at the coordinate.
Kalina: This... Audio recording file?
M4A1: Yes, I will play it right away.

Scene 4-1-4

Audio plays...
" your..."
...Finished playing.

Scene 4-1-5

Kalina: They're... in your house?
Kalina: What does this mean? Who is in my house?!
M4A1: Something that doesn't quite make sense, a mosaic of some sort?
Kalina: Emm... By the looks of it, it does look ciphered.
Kalina: Wait just a moment, let me go have a look...

Scene 4-1-6

Kalina: All done! Looks like we got a new coordinate!
M4A1: That's... Impressive Ms Kalina.
Kalina: What, that sounded like an insult there!
Kalina: Of course you guys don't understand this kind of outdated cryptographic method.
Kalina: Though... Just a coordinate and a "In your house", still doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
M4A1: ..."Psi-Cloud".
M4A1: Psi-Cloud, essentially Android's memory core.
M4A1: Though the mainframe Android can protect herself with mass manufactured dummy links.
Kalina: Even so the mainframe droid is still at risk of destruction under extreme circumstances.
M4A1: Yes, once an Android mainframe is destroyed, all the memory will be lost and reset to factory default.
M4A1: So if the network and logistic conditions allows, Androids will back up their Psi-Clouds before operation.
M4A1: In our words, just uploading memory onto the servers.
Kalina: Backing up Psi-Cloud is a long process though, but since it saves combat experience, it's worth doing.
M4A1: During infiltration and espionage operations, Androids often cannot access the servers for covert reasons.
M4A1: So they usually back up their memory into a diary type video file, for the sake of future recoveries or to provide intel.
Kalina: ...So M4A1 you suspect that... This is someone's Psi-Cloud back-up file?
M4A1: Just a guess, we need more information.
Kalina: Whatever it is, it sure is interesting. Don't you think so too Commander?
Kalina: So, let's hurry up and proceed to the next coordinate and see what shows up!