Story/Emergency 4-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 4-1-1

...G&K Resting area.
Kalina: Commander we got a special mission for you to review today.
Kalina: Since it is somewhat related to AR squadron, so they will be the one briefing you.
M4A1: ...
Kalina: ...M4A1?
M4A1: Ahh! Sorry!
M4A1: Didn't notice you was already here Commander.
Kalina: Don't see that very often, Miss M4 spacing out.
M4A1: Spaced out? No I was just...
Kalina: Probably because M4 always looked like she is spaced out, so don't really take notice of it.
M4A1: Alright... I was spaced out.
M4A1: Or rather... I was thinking about something.
M4A1: No never mind that... We got a situation to report to you.
M4A1: Our squadron was sorting out some past combat data, but we found one of the locations coordinate was modified, that coordinate is somewhere in this region.

Scene 4-1-2

(Radio)M4A1: Around here, an abandoned data base.
(Radio)M4A1: The data base itself isn't the problem, is the current location of it is clearly different from previous intel.
(Radio)Kalina: Yep, this kind of situation is really rare. Commander wanna go investigate this?
(Radio)Kalina: If this is some kind of new covert tactic by the Ferri, we might even get rewarded handsomely for this.