Story/Emergency 3-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-4-2

Kalina: Congratulations Commander! We recapture the spoils!
Kalina: Technicians made a break through on the decryption of the previous storages...
Kalina: Out it comes an audio-log, Commander, when you have time.
Kalina: I'm heading to the HQ to deliver the report.
Kalina: We have to celebrate this victory when I return!

Scene 3-4-3

Exits Kalina
Initiating Audio sequences, playing content--
Hunter's voice is playing.
Hunter:...These, all the intel I've gathered.
Hunter: Up until now, all the reconnaissance intel gathered by me, Scarecrow, Executioner and other Sangvis Ferri Recon Units have finished uploading.
??: ...
??: Then, M4A1 still have the "Data" from safe house No.3 on her?
??: Hmm, looks like G&K don't seem to realise the value of these data.
??: Data regarding Parapluie, or even Derelict...
Hunter: Hmm, That would be my task completed.
Hunter: Now, I shall return to the hunt.
??: Hunting again... How barbaric.
??: Why can't I have some more civilized subordinates.
Hunter: We're different, Intruder, I'm not one for sitting around in a dress waiting for my death.
Intruder: Hence you... only worth as much as my sacrificial pawn.
Intruder: Do you regret coming under my command?
Hunter: Like I had a choice.
Hunter: If I'm dead I can get away from you, I'd consider that lucky.
Intruder: Don't worry, I keep everyone's data backed up.
Intruder: After all, my role this time is to provide a spectacular Finale, for everybody.
Hunter: (sigh) You are so obsessed with your Finales.
Hunter: Luckily for me, I get to be away from you, as my operation is about to start.
Intruder: Don't worry, I will wait for your returns, all of you.
Intruder: We will all wake up, together.