Story/Emergency 3-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 3-3-2

Kalina: Alrighty, we finished off the last of them.
Kalina: Now we just have to wait for the T-dolls to carry the storages back here, and we all get paid.

Scene 3-3-3

Kalina: Ehh? This alarm is--?
Kalina: ...W...WHAT?!
Kalina: Oh no, Commander!
Kalina: Some Androids reported that they were assaulted by the Sangvis Ferri on the way back to the command post!
Kalina: They weren't hurt, but the spoils are gone!
Kalina: Now... What do we do?
Kalina: ...Ermm, Lets trail them for now, then we make a plan.
Kalina: Actually... This is a little bit strange, like you said Commander.
Kalina: What is inside those data storages... For Ferri to send this many units to defend...