Story/Emergency 3-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 3-1-1

G&K Sector S09 Tactical Command...
Kalina: Morning Commander!
Kalina: So G&K just sent out a huge operation contract.
Kalina: "Summon available forces head towards Sector S09, to gather Intel left over by Sangvis Ferri."
Kalina: I grabbed the contract while I was at the HQ importing goods.
Kalina: You know S09 like the back of your hands Commander, there can't be any more difficult opponents here.
Kalina: So, we are at a huge advantage!

Scene 3-1-2

(Radio) Kalina: This is where our forces were in conflict with Hunter's forces.
(Radio) Kalina: Well Hunter is already gone of course, unless, they keep their Psy-Cloud updated as frequent as our Androids do.
(Radio) Kalina: Well, go try your hands Commander!