Story/Emergency 2-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 2-3-2

...End of operation
Persica: Woah... Commander, job we...
M4A1: Why are you woahing Persica.
Persica: Ahh! M...M4!!
M4A1: Commander told me, so I came around.
Persica: I'm so sorry... What happened to your squad, all because of my orders....
M4A1: Please don't blame yourself.
M4A1: As T-dolls, we obey our contractor's commands.
Persica: Uhh...
Persica: Well, you are safe now at least.
M4A1: Yes, the commander is looking out for me, I will continue to serve Grifon forces.
Persica: Also...
Persica: I'm very happy, to be able to see you again... M4A1...
M4A1: ... (Smiles)
M4A1: Yes, great to see you again too Miss Persica.