Story/Emergency 2-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 2-1-1

Tactical Command of G&K Controlled Region S09
Persica: Ahh, Commander... We meet again...
Persica: I am in need of your assistance today.
Persica: Firstly, don't worry, this a secured channel.
Persica: Secondly, don't worry, it's nothing bad.
Persica: Well... I need some Dummy Android samples.
Persica: Ferri, and Grifon Android samples.

Scene 2-1-2

Persica: This region been in conflict for a while now, should have some spare parts around here.
Persica: Please recover some for me, for researching purposes.
Persica: Also... This region may have hidden Ferri Androids with leading roles.
Persica: They are Leader's Dummies, once the Leader dies, the Dummies becomes active.
Persica: Be advised, and of course... The request...