Story/Emergency 10-4 (Part2)/Script

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[Griffin forces are in full retreat and have taken heavy losses.]
[At the same time, inside the AR Team’s trench.]

M4A1: …

[M4A1 sits in place. She does not move, and looks like she’s crying.]

Doll With Closed Eyes: I can’t bear to watch.
Griffin’s forces are all retreating. Leaving her here would be certain death.
...What do you think?

Familiar Voice: Angelia didn’t say we needed to take her back.
And you also said our mission this time round was to observe and not participate until given orders from our superiors.

Doll With Closed Eyes: So it would be alright… if she died?

Familiar Voice: Orders are orders. Dolls cannot defy their orders.

Doll With Closed Eyes: I know you can. And you know that you’re authorized to.

Familiar Voice: …
Are you encouraging me to disobey my orders?

Doll With Closed Eyes: As I recall, disobeying orders was your stock in trade.
Therefore, satisfy my curiosity, please.

Familiar Voice: Well, that’s true.
After all, nothing we do would be a surprise, given the name of this unit.
Then let me ask you a question, oh doll with closed eyes. Is Team Defy shorthanded?

Doll With Closed Eyes: Hmph, you cunning little minx...
Well, perhaps we’re missing just the one.


We dwell in purgatory, but is it to atone for our sins, or await our chance to strike back?
I’ve paid off the price for my existence, yet I’ve come back to this damn cage again.
Still, who else other than me would be willing to walk back into purgatory?
I really do hate you after all...