Story/Emergency 10-4 (Part1)/Script

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M4A1: Unforgivable! I won’t forgive this! I’ll kill you!

Youthful Female Voice: I did not do this.

M4A1: Shut up! You liar! Get out!
Let me kill you!


Youthful Female Voice: She rejected me. Will there be another chance?

Agent: There is no time, Mistress.
The human army has reached our prepared location.
Our preparations are all complete. May we carry out our final plan?

Youthful Female Voice: Why…
What happened…
I can’t hear her voice...

Clear Woman's Voice: All connections have been cut thanks to human interference.
She made her choice, and you should make yours.
Don’t worry. I will continue to accompany her.
And you… you don’t have much time…

Mastermind - Elisa: I understand.
It’s a shame, but let us begin.
Agent, unleash the full power of Parapluie.

[At the same time, in the temporary army HQ.]

Electronically Disguised Male Voice: It’s begun! It’s finally begun!
SF is fully activating Parapluie. Let’s match their performance.
Carter, what about your units?

Carter: My human units have already fallen back. The mechanical units have all been abandoned on their original defensive lines as planned.
Their Level Two active defense systems have been shut down, and as planned, the connection to the central server has been opened.

Electronically Disguised Male Voice: Good… very good.

Carter: Are you sure the Mastermind has the ability to obtain what we hope it it will obtain?

Electronically Disguised Male Voice: What are you saying?
That’s the Parapluie virus which is our pride and joy. Our dear little miss can now do whatever she wants.

Carter: I’ll look forward to that. Just that betting our country’s future on these dolls is a little ironic...

Electronically Disguised Male Voice: A long time ago, a perfectly good world was destroyed by several children.
Is that not fate? It’s interesting because you can’t predict it.
I was quite surprised that even a small company played a part in all this.

Carter: Although, they’ve probably finished their turn on the stage.

[Carter bows his head and smiles.]

Carter: Kryuger, I’ll apologize the next time I see you… although the next time I see you, you’ll probably be in jail.

[At the same time, in Griffin HQ.]

Kalina: Commander! It’s a super emergency situation!
Some of our dolls have suddenly rejected orders and are even attacking our logistics facilities!
We’ve managed to control it for the time being, but according to reports from various units, we’re also being attacked from multiple directions by military dolls!

[Beep, beep.]

Helian: Commander, our… control systems have suffered… large-scale attack...


Helian: Almost paralyzed...


Helian: ...hypothesize that we’ve taken… attack from an upgraded Parapluie virus infection!
Commander, your units are within the virus’ coverage…
Take all your uninfected dolls and retreat immediately!

Kalina: Commander, what about M4 and the others?
Their location is completely saturated in Parapluie… our dolls will be instantly taken over the moment they step in there!
Maybe… maybe the AR Team and the Carcano sisters are already…
But we can’t do anything…
Why… why did things end up like this… we promised them...


Sound Only: Griffin Commander.
Are you willing to trust me?
Do not attempt to trace my signal. Now is not the time for that, and at the very least, I’m not your enemy.
If you are willing to trust me like you would Persica…
...Give me M4A1’s present coordinates.
...I cannot guarantee anything. All I can do is make up for some of the regrets of the past.
No need to thank me. It’s been paid for.
You were very brave today. But it isn’t just the AR Team that’s under you..
Protect the dolls you can protect, and leave the rest to me. May good fortune go with us.


Helian:Attention, all Griffin employees in Sector S11! Attention, all Griffin employees in Sector S11!
The tide of battle has turned in Sector S09, and the sector is in chaos!
Therefore… we are currently organizing a mass withdrawal of all personnel within the sector, and our withdrawal route passes through Sector S11!
All commanders on standby, report immediately to your command posts!
All Sector S11 Griffin employees are to immediately prepare for combat. Destroy all pursuing SF units and protect as many of our units as you can!

Kalina: Things being what they are, we can only choose to trust that voice.
Commander, that person was right, we still have a lot of dolls to save!
Clear a path and help everyone get out of here!