Story/Emergency 10-3 (Part2)/Script

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[Bang! Bang!]

Grape Carcano: Ah, the Commander… the Commander’s about to break through the encirclement!

Strawberry Carcano: Everyone, hold on! Just for 10 minutes! The Commander’s forces will be here in 10 minutes!
Where’s SOP2? Did anyone see her!?

Grape Carcano: Enjoying her last moments, I imagine.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Hahahahaha!
Where do you think you can hide!?
Useless! Useless! Anyone I find is going to get eaten up~

Judge: SOP2…
Is this the true face of the AR Team’s main attacker?
Still, this is a good distance. Just right...

[Judge raises a hand.]

Grape Carcano: That movement… EMP!

Strawberry Carcano: Everybody down!
SOP2, cover me!

M4 SOPMODⅡ: You’re coming with me, Judge!

Grape Carcano: Nee-sama, what are you doing!? It’s too dangerous!

Strawberry Carcano: I should be able to hit at this range!
There’s no choice, all I can do is bet everything on this round!

SOPⅡ and Strawberry Carcano: Judge-!

[An enormous explosion blows SOP2 and Strawberry Carcano away.]
[Judge collapses, heavily wounded.]

Judge: This attack… *cough*
Mistress… Mistress, are you still there?

Grape Carcano: ...It’s the military dolls.

Judge: *cough* I know that.
All SF units, protect me! Retreat!

[The SF forces make a general withdrawal.]

Strawberry Carcano: The army’s here! We’re saved!

[SOP2 gets to her feet, and freezes for a moment.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: We’re… saved...

[Cano puts away her weapon and walks over.]

Strawberry Carcano: Hehe, our rescuers from out of nowhere.
Looks like the army didn’t abandon us.

Grape Carcano: Nee-sama, the soldiers are coming.

[A squad walks over from the distance, led by a human.]

Strawberry Carcano: Ah, so it was Captain Yegor after all.
Good day! We offer you our sincerest gratitude!

[Yegor ignores her and looks past Strawberry Carcano.]

Strawberry Carcano: Ah, you don’t have to worry about the rest. Our Commander’s reinforcements will be arriving soon.

Yegor: …

Strawberry Carcano: Excuse me…?

[Yegor doesn’t spare the dolls a glance. Instead, he walks over to the safehouse where M4A1 and RO are.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Ah, sorry, please don’t open that door!
We have wounded inside receiving emergency treatment!

Yegor: Is M4A1 in there?

How did you know…?

[Yegor reaches out to open the door.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Hey! Please don’t…

[As SOP2 makes to step up, the military dolls point their weapons at her.]

Strawberry Carcano: Please calm down! Captain Yegor! I apologize, but she didn’t mean ill!

Yegor: I know.
The one with ill intent is the doll trying to make contact with her Commander.

Grape Carcano: …!

Yegor: Don’t waste your efforts. Your communications are already jammed.

What… are you going to do?

Yegor: You don’t need to know.
Because you won’t remember it.

[Yegor suddenly pulls out his weapon.]

Strawberry Carcano: SOP2-!

Yegor: 5 minutes remaining.
Kill everyone present.

Military Dolls: Order received.

Yegor: You, blow the door open.


RO635: …What’s that noise outside?
M4, M4, did you hear that?
No, this place is too dangerous, I need to get her out of here.
M4A1, hurry, follow me...


Yegor: Don’t interrupt the show, puppet.


Yegor: It’s time to wake up, M4A1.
...Time to find the “key” for us, with your new identity.


M4A1: …
Ah… ah…