Story/Emergency 10-3 (Part1)/Script

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[An hour ago, in the trench with the AR Team.]

M4 SOPMODⅡ: So you finally show yourself… Judge!

Judge: I don’t want to see you, where’s M4A1?

M4 SOPMODⅡ: You’re hacking into her digimind, right! Don’t expect to find her!

Judge: Digging out other peoples’ digiminds, and then weighing them to see what they’re worth…
...I don’t want to do that, but that is also the duty of a judge, when it is needed.

Grape Carcano: Charging in is easy, Judge-san of SF.

Strawberry Carcano: But the Commander’s forces are pouring in from the outside. Your rear guard won’t be able to take them!

Judge: I don’t care about the rear guard. I only care about putting you on trial.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Oi oi, you won’t be getting out of here alive even if you do catch M4A1!
Amd the army’s about to take your Mastermind, aren’t you even a little worried!?

Judge: You truly know nothing, SOP2.
You’ve been with M4A1 for so long, yet you do not have the slightest idea of her worth.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: I don’t care what she’s worth! She’s my friend and my family! That’s enough for me!

Judge: Then you can die for her here!

[The SF vanguard charges.]

Strawberry Carcano: Ceno, can your side hold up?

Grape Carcano: With ease. We can take another wave.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Ceno-san, you’re clearly hurt! Get to cover!

Strawberry Carcano: Everyone, shrink the defensive line and rally to me!

[The surviving dolls gather together, and they focus their fire to repel the SF attack.]

Strawberry Carcano: Ceno, you take a rest and see if anyone answered our distress signal.

Grape Carcano: Not yet, nee-sama, but I have news.
A military signal is approaching us, I’m unsure of its strength.

Strawberry Carcano: Are they military reinforcements? We couldn’t contact them before.

Grape Carcano: We still can’t contact them either. I don’t know if they’re reinforcements and I don’t care.
Maybe the army doesn’t want to help these poor, pitiful Griffin dolls.

Strawberry Carcano: They’re still friendlies, right? Keep sending the distress signal!
Everyone! All's not lost yet! The Commander will be coming soon! Hang in there!

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Cano-san, Ceno-san…
I’m sorry I got you caught up in this.

Strawberry Carcano: Haha, it’s an honor for us!

Grape Carcano: I never said that.

Strawberry Carcano: Hey, you were the one who told me “the news”, Ceno.

Grape Carcano: I just wanted you to come by yourself, nee-sama.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: What are you saying? What news?

Strawberry Carcano: The news XM3 brought.
XM3 entered service around the same time as we did. She died protecting M4A1 some time earlier.


Grape Carcano: Her first time was meaningful, huh, I’m envious.

Strawberry Carcano: Fortunately, her neural cloud wasn’t too badly damaged.
She said she still remembered M4A1, and that she had something to tell her.

M4 SOPMODⅡ: What was it?

Strawberry Carcano: She wanted to apologize.
If she’d known that she would die so fast, she would have dressed her words up better.

Grape Carcano: As in, she would have been more accommodating.

Strawberry Carcano: She’s still stuck in the repair vats now, so she asked us to carry the message for her.

Grape Carcano: Don’t get it wrong, we were following the Commander’s orders.

Strawberry Carcano: That’s just part of it, we requested to do this.

Grape Carcano: Oh, the battlefield is so cruel, I’m going to cry.

Strawberry Carcano: Oi, your tears are from pain, don’t act tough!

M4 SOPMODⅡ: This is a battlefield, isn’t rushing in just for something someone else said being too passionate?

Strawberry Carcano: That’s because this is the battlefield.
Be it the AR Team, Ceno and I, or any other dolls, we can only live in each others’ neural clouds.
If we can’t even remember each other, then who’s going to remember us?


M16A1: You once asked me why, as tools of war, we had emotion modules installed in us.
The important thing is that emotions themselves are a flaw, SOP2. Both humans and dolls are flawed.

RO635: I don’t know… but humans gave us emotion modules. Surely nobody would intentionally stamp their own work as “defective”, right?
Therefore… there must be a purpose to this.

AR-15: What I’m doing now is what I need to do.
Hurry, SOP2. Get out of range of this jamming.
M4’s still waiting for you. Protect her, please...

Strawberry Carcano: SOP2, how much emotion do you have left?
Let it all out in one go, and enjoy this battle!

Grape Carcano: And also, enjoy this death.


M4 SOPMODⅡ: Commander… I know you’re still fighting your hardest for us on the battlefield.
We’re also trying our hardest to survive, both to protect M4A1, and also to see you again.
Therefore, please remember us as we are today. Whether we win or we lose, we are all very, very happy in our final moments.
I hope to meet you again, no matter what form it takes. Please remember us forever.

Judge: Not willing to give up? You can’t hold out much longer!

Strawberry Carcano: We don’t intend to hold out for much longer, only until the end!

Grape Carcano: Nee-san, while we still have time, I’d like to say that I’m very happy right now.

Strawberry Carcano: Not lying this time?

Grape Carcano: Why are you asking if you already know, Nee-san?

Strawberry Carcano: Hehe, well, there’s one more thing I want to say at the end.
Ladies of Griffin, your moment of glory is at hand! Are you ready to seize it?
Alla vittoria! (For victory!)

Grape Carcano: Alla gloria militar!(For our glory!)

M4 SOPMODⅡ: Is everyone here?
Dear friends from SF, lunch has been served!
Everyone, eat up!