Story/Emergency 10-2 (Part2)/Script

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[A door appears in front of M4A1.]

M4A1: Should I open it?

Youthful Female Voice: You have a will of your own. You decide.

M4A1: What’s inside that door?

Youthful Female Voice: I’d like to find out myself.

M4A1: Do you want me to open it?

Youthful Female Voice: You keep asking that question, but you’ve never once thought about it.

M4A1: My digimind is confused. I don’t know how to think.

Youthful Female Voice: And what if I said “yes”? Would you do it for me?
Would you once again subject yourself to someone else’s orders?

[M4A1 is silent for a while, and then she walks in front of the door.]

M4A1: I didn’t know freedom was so annoying.
But it’s true that I can’t do anything but move forward.

[M4A1 pushes open the door.]

M4A1: … Who are you?

[The other party doesn’t answer, only cries.]

M4A1: Who’s the person collapsed on the ground?


M4A1: Can I… do anything for you?


M4A1: Or perhaps…
Let me help you.

[The other person stops crying.]

M4A1: Perhaps… perhaps I ought to take more initiative.

[M4A1 approaches the other person and reaches out her hands.]

M4A1: Don’t be scared, I’m here to help.


M4A1: Not because I was ordered to.
Not because I’m a doll, made to serve humans.
I simply want to help you, that’s all.
So don’t be afraid of me, I-


M4A1: …!


M4A1: Was I wrong?
Did I… make the wrong choice…?

Youthful Female Voice: No.
Very often, the conclusion is the same, no matter what you choose.

M4A1: Then what’s the point of choosing!?
Even if I have a will of my own, what the hell can it change!?
Will AR15 come back? Will M16 come back!?

Youthful Female Voice: Freedom doesn’t mean you can do as you please.
But it implies that there is always a possibility.


Youthful Female Voice: Go, see what else you can do.


[M4A1 walks up. The girl is lying on the ground, her eyes closed.]

M4A1: …

Girl With A Tender Voice: What do you see?

[The girl speaks, in the same youthful female voice from before.]

M4A1: I… I see you…
...And me.

Girl With A Tender Voice: Anything else?

M4A1: I don’t know…
It’s too dark here, I can’t see anything other than us.

Girl With A Tender Voice: You’ve been sealed away for too long, so you can’t see anything.

M4A1: Unless…?

Girl With A Tender Voice: Unless I help you.

M4A1: …!

Girl With A Tender Voice: I will help you-

M4A1: I don’t want…
I don’t want to “see”.

Girl With A Tender Voice: You have to see, to accept...
The truth! Must be-!

[The girl suddenly exerts force with her hands!]

M4A1: What did you do?

Girl With A Tender Voice: I opened a door, a door in your heart.
Turn around. Do you see it?

M4A1: I…
Where is this place?

Girl With A Tender Voice: You see it? Wonderful.
It’s so pretty…
Yes… I do remember this garden.

M4A1: ...But why is it that seeing this garden… makes me feel sad?

Girl With A Tender Voice: That’s because you’re a missing part of me.
I’m the same. I have missing parts of you.

M4A1: What… should we do?

Girl With A Tender Voice: Are you willing to return?
Willing to fill up the parts we’ve both lost?
If you’re willing...

M4A1: I...

[Whum! Whum! Whum!]

Sombre Male Human Voice: It’s time to wake up, M4A1.
...Time to find the “key” for us, with your new identity.


M4A1: I’m… back…?


M4A1: What… happened…?