Story/Emergency 10-2 (Part1)/Script

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M4A1: …RO?

[There is no answer.]
[M4A1 feels her body becoming light and fluttery.]

M4A1: Am I… falling?
How much longer must I fall?

Youthful Female Voice: You are only sleeping. Time to wake up now.

M4A1: Sleeping? Right now I just want to go back.

Youthful Female Voice: I am taking you back from a road you do not know.
I am the only one who can help you now, so come face it with me.

[M4A1 feels her digimind growing hazy again.]

M4A1: What… am I going to face with you?

Youthful Female Voice: We’ll face… something that belongs to us.
You can see it too, can’t you?

M4A1: What… are these?

Youthful Female Voice: They are fragments of our memories.

M4A1: …"Our”?
Youthful Female Voice: They are things I don’t remember, but which remain within your digimind.
...This feels nice.

M4A1: Eh?

Youthful Female Voice: Let’s continue walking further in.

M4A1: Where… where is this place...

Youthful Female Voice: Would it be clearer if I told you this was the link between our hearts?

M4A1: I don’t know. Will it hurt me?

Youthful Female Voice: They won’t, if you’re willing.
There’s still a lot of strength in your digimind…
A strength greater than mine.

M4A1: Strength...

Youthful Female Voice: Call to them. Order them. Have them rescue you. Leave this place and go to the opposite shore.

M4A1: What’s on the opposite shore?

Youthful Female Voice: A gift…
A gift... that “Father” left us...

During the Battle

Youthful Female Voice: Come, awaken them.

M4A1: What… will they become?

Youthful Female Voice: Fragments of your memories, yourself, as well as myself.
Ultimately, they are your strength, and they belong to you alone.
You will need them if you want to leave this place.

M4A1: But I… I don’t understand them at all…
I… don’t understand myself.

Youthful Female Voice: You don’t need to understand yourself.
You need to… accept yourself.
Give it a try.

M4A1: Got it…
Accepting… myself...